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On Saturday, October 18th 1997 -- an enthusiastic group of visionary women from Greenville and Spartanburg met with the purpose of organizing events that could benefit our community.

To this date, the women of AHAM have raised and awarded a total of $496,000. They've organized Hispanic Heritage Festivals where they've shared the richness of their countries of origin with our Upstate community. They've held silent auctions, galas, and volunteered countless hours -- all with the goal of making higher education more accessible to our Latino youth. Thanks to the women of AHAM, and all of its supporters, we have made college more accessible to 174 exceptional Hispanic students in the state of South Carolina.

It all started with a desire to help future generations succeed


One of the attributes that sets AHAM apart, is its well-established candidate selection process. Because we have been at this for 20+ years, we have substantial institutional knowledge and a documented set of procedures and best practices that ensure a fair and systematic selection process.

Selection Process Overview

  • Applications and accompanying documents are verified by the Scholarship Committee.

  • The Scholarship Committee then determines which students meet the requirements established under the criteria of the scholarship program.

  • The Scholarship Committee will inform all applicants of whether or not they have met the requirements for the scholarship.

  • Successful Applicants will receive an appointment for a Scholarship Selection Interview.

  • An auditor (who is not related to AHAM or its membership) is present at all interviews and certifies the transparency of the selection process.

Scholarship Requirements

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