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Check out our calendar, where you can see how you can get involved!


There are several ways to volunteer with us throughout the year -- the two main volunteer efforts every year are City of Greenville events (Artisphere is coming up, and we could use your help, see more about that below) and the Hispanic Heritage Festival. A great way to learn more about how to get involved is to join us at one of our Monthly Meetings. We welcome you to be our guest at. At the meetings, you will learn more about how AHAM conducts its business, get to make lots of new friends from different countries, and hear a special special speaker present on a relevant topic. Once you are there -- who knows? You may decide to become a member! Membership is $50 dollars per year. These dues are form the foundation for how we are able to raise money for scholarships. 

There are so ways to participate and support AHAM!

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